Knitters & Spinners

Meet our knitters, weavers & crotchetiers: Our recycled silk sari yarn is also made into items by a group of women working in Kathmandu, Nepal.  These women often work from home or in a provided, safe environment.  Knitting, weaving and crocheting items including scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, purses, bags and other items.  Sunmoon Trading Center always has a changing selection of these items for sale.  The women are paid living wages (usually 2-3 times what they would make working at other jobs), are given health care, child care and have access to micro, no-interest loans, saving plans, building materials, as well as educational assistance for their children through the various programs we have in place.  You can sponsor one or more artisans through donating a variety of badly needed items

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Knitter-19  Best Spinner of Kathmandu With Her Son