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Felt & crafts.com is online shop of Sunmoon Trading center, the home of art, fun and funky handmade felt balls rug, accessories and supplies. Our online shop features all types of fair trade felt crafts, felt balls rug,exclusive handmade felt products, wholesale felt shoes, felt balls, felt beads, felt crochet flowers, felt bags, wool ladies shoulder bags, felt tote bags, felt gift bags, felt accessories & jewelers, felt flowers, felt febric, felt rope, felt puppets, felt finger puppets, felt dolls, felt merino wool top, felt key chains, felt hairbands, felt broochs, felt hair clips, felt cushion cover, felt animal design shoe, wool felt bangles, wool felt ear rings, felt crafts tiger shoes, nepal felt crafts, felt needle case, felt wallets, felt slippers, felt baby shoes, felt purses, felt balls mat, felt balls rug felt fruits, felt necklace, felt funky hats & cap, recycled silk yarn, sari silk fibers, sari silk ribbon, banana fiber yarn, hemp yarn, nettle yarn, viscose yarn, wool yarn, cotton yarn, knitting needles, cochet hooks, hemp balls, hemp bags, hemp hats, hemp slippers, hemp coin purses, woolen gloves, woolen jackets, woolen sweaters, woolen hats, caps, woolen scarves, woolen ponchos, woolen socks , cotton top, cotton t-shirts, cotton jackets, rib clothing, singing bowls, hand carved bone buttons & nepal garments. 
Our Main products:

Felt Products: Felt is a mass of matted raw lamb's wool. Imported from New Zealand & Tibet, this raw wool is first carded & then dyed into different colors as desired in different forms for the final product. The type of dye usually used is Swiss dye. Felt products are purely made by shaping the raw wool with soap & water & human h& pressure; no chemicals are used during this process. Thus shaped product is dried under the sun. Due to its unique manufacturing process, any desired shape can be created. In felt crafts we produce fine quality & designs felt balls rug, felt bags, handmade felt shoes, felt balls, felt sheets, felt hats, felt puppets, & felt accessories felt flowers, felt necklace, felt ear rings, felt bangles, wool slippers, felt purses, felt flowers, felt hairbands, felt key chains & other felt crafts.
We have exceptionally talented spinners in Nepal, no matter where the fibers come from. As we use to spun sheep wool, Yak wool, New Zealnd raw wool, loose end of saris fibers & others many natural fibers such as hemp, nettle, which is from our own source. We sale varieties yarn as well as its products. Our yarn products are eco-friendly. In yarn we produce Recycled silk yarn, banana fiber yarn, viscose yarn, wool yarn, sari silk fiber, hand painted & hand spun yarn, knitting yarn, natural hemp yarn, nettle yarn,natural fibers, sari silk fibers, sari silk ribbon, banana fibers.
Woolen Products:
Woolen Products are completely made by hands from sheep’s wool found in high mountains in the Northern parts of the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Wools graded from these sheep of micron 38 and length 4 -7 are used for woolen carpets and this wools are washed thoroughly in cold water to remove greasy materials from wool and then dried in the sun. These cleaned or scoured wools will be dyed before producing felt products. We manufacture, wholesale woolen jackets, woolen sweaters, woolen hats, woolen gloves, woolen caps, leg warmers, woolen accessories, winter woolen mufflers, hand warmers, woolen ponchos, woolen child jackets, knitwear funky hats, woolen socks, woolen ladies jackets and other more. Woolen items are completely hand knitted and useful for winter. We sale all this woolen items at wholesale price.

We are looking for wholesale buyers from all over the world; we have reasonable pricing for wholesale buyers. If you are interested being our distributor please contact us. We wholesale all types of felt products, felt balls rug, felt balls, recycled silk yarn, woolen products, garments.
All of our products are exclusively handmade in Nepal by experienced craftsman. Most of our workers are under privileged women from remote areas of Nepal. We have good working condition & we pay better wages for our workers.
Shopping in our website is fully safe, we accepts all types of credit cards including master, visa, & others, we also accept payment through PayPal. Our payment is processed in the secured server of 2checkout.com.