1.5cm multicolor felt balls


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  • Product Code: STC-FWB-61

 Entirely handmade wool felt balls are suitable to decorate the clothes, bags or any other items as per the requirement. These balls are also very popular to make the necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories etc. Our felted woolen colorful balls (pompoms) are getting popular for making varieties of decorative crafts and accessories. Whether you want to decorate your bags, make flowers, ear rings, key rings, necklaces or bracelets, felt balls are the key products. We provide different sizes (measured in approximate diameter in cm) and color balls at very competitive prices. The felted woolen balls we offer are entirely hand made using (hot water and washing soaps) our traditional technology

  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Size: 1.5cm diameter (1000pcs per pack)
  • Worldwide Delivery by DHL, TNT,  UPS, FedEx
  • Made of Women Cooperative Group in Nepal
  • Child Labor Free

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