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This hemp twine is so special, you'll want to put it on display as well as use it! It is predominantly 1mm thick, ranging in parts up to 2mm thick. The weight is between 40g to 550grams per hand wound ball. Use it to knit or crochet scrub cloths, hats, handbags or placemats. As it is mildew resistant and anti-bacterial it is also perfect for use in the garden, macrame, belt-making and as pet leads and leashes. I have even seen a pattern for hand crocheted hemp sandals. Jewellers and beaders prefer hemp as it is a strong, yet flexible fibre. Hemp softens with each wash, and lightens in colour if left out in the sun. I am guessing by the size of the balls that there is around 300m length per ball........but as each piece is hand crafted, there will be differences in length. Who is up for  some eco art?

  • Made of 100 % Hemp  
  • 50pcs per pack
  • Ships in two business days
  • Worldwide Home Delivery
·         handmade - low environmental impact
·         no pesticides, fertilisers or irrigation used to grow the hemp
·         durable, will not rot or go mouldy as quickly as cotton
·         naturally anti-bacterial
·         high water retention properties
·         will last a long time....hence its popularity with beaders
·         biodegradable
·         will not expose you to any chemicals - it is chemical free
·         low environmental impact

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