Medium size Singing Bowls


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  • Product Code: STC-SB-01

These are new bowls traditionally constructed in combination of five metal alloys by hand hammering. Then the bowls are carved by skilled artists in Tibetan Mantra design and treated like an antique looking. The bowls are made as quite similar to half-oval shape so that it is easy to use placing in its cushion. The bowls of this description can be available at weigh 750grams and suitable for normal bowl users. The diameters of the described bowls are available in 10 cm. On purchase of this singing bowl a two-way (half leather coated) stick will be provided complementary. Since the product is handmade; there can be slight variations in said size and weight.

  • Made of  Metal
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Weight 750grams
  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Ships in 4 days
  • Home Delivery  by DHL,FEDEX,TNT

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