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  • Product Code: STC-RY-02

This yarn is like butter! Forget everything you know about recycled silk yarn! This yarn is spun from remnants of very fine silk. It is soft, evenly spun, shiny, and not over-twisted. Crafted using the finest silk remnants, it has a smaller gauge than our other Nepalese recycled silk yarns. Guaranteed to be made from 100% of the finest quality silk remnants. Without a doubt, if you like Higher Best Recycled Silk yarns, you'll love this one! If you've worked with recycled silk yarns before, this is the midas grade! Each skein is made only by master spinners from the finest hand-picked remnants. Perfect for items that will be close to your skin! This is the yarn we use for our deluxe silk scarves.

  • Made of 100 % recycled silk yarn
  • Handspun in Nepal
  • Avl Size :200 grams per skein
  • Ships in two business days
  • Weight 1Kg per pack
  • Worldwide Home Delivery

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