1st Grade B Recycled Silk Yarn


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  • Product Code: STC-RY-06

1st Grade B recycled silk yarn has been carefully hand bathed with a fabric softener then allowed to sun dry, creating a soft, silky and almost fluffy yarn that is slightly under spun, perfect for people who like to work with a bulkier silk yarn. The washing process also tends to make the colors blend into one another a little more seamlessly. So soft you'll think you're working with pashmina. The softest recycled yarn you will ever work with!   You can get a similar feel by bathing any of our other yarns in a solution of water and fabric softener!

  • Made of 100 % recycled silk yarn
  • Handspun in Nepal
  • Avl Size :200 grams per skein
  • Ships in two business days
  • Weight 1Kg per pack
  • Worldwide Home Delivery

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